8 thoughts on “11.08.21 Group 1”

  1. Acquired resistance to anti-MAPK targeted therapy confers an immune-evasive tumor microenvironment and cross-resistance to immunotherapy in melanoma


    Lisa Haas, Anais Elewaut, Camille L. Gerard, Christian Umkehrer, Lukas Leiendecker, Malin Pedersen, Izabela Krecioch, David Hoffmann, Maria Novatchkova, Mario Kuttke, Tobias Neumann, Ines Pires da Silva, Harriet Witthock, Michel A. Cuendet, Sebastian Carotta, Kevin J. Harrington, Johannes Zuber, Richard A. Scolyer, Georgina V. Long, James S. Wilmott, Olivier Michielin, Sakari Vanharanta, Thomas Wiesner & Anna C. Obenauf

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