30.01.19 – No JC


One thought on “30.01.19 – No JC”

  1. NK cell–mediated cytotoxicity contributes to tumor control by a cytostatic drug combination

    Marcus Ruscetti1,*, Josef Leibold1,*, Matthew J. Bott1,*, Myles Fennell1, Amanda Kulick2, Nelson R. Salgado1, Chi-Chao Chen1, Yu-jui Ho1, Francisco J. Sanchez-Rivera1, Judith Feucht3, Timour Baslan1, Sha Tian1, Hsuan-An Chen1, Paul B. Romesser1, John T. Poirier2,4, Charles M. Rudin2,4, Elisa de Stanchina2, Eusebio Manchado1, Charles J. Sherr5,6, Scott W. Lowe1,6,†



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