14.03.18 Shishir


One thought on “14.03.18 Shishir”

  1. Targeting the Senescence-Overriding Cooperative Activity of Structurally Unrelated H3K9 Demethylases in Melanoma
    YongYu1KoljaSchleich2BinYue2SujuanJi217PhilippLohneis318KristelKemper4Mark S.Silvis5NouarQutob6Ellenvan Rooijen78MelanieWerner Klein910LianjieLi2DhritiDhawan2SvenjaMeierjohann11MauriceReimann2AbdelElkahloun12SteffiTreitschke13BerndDörken1214ChristianSpeck15…SoyoungLee1214


    •H3K9me3-active demethylases like LSD1 or JMJD2C disable oncogene-induced senescence
    •LSD1 or JMJD2C cooperate with activated Braf in animal models of melanomagenesis
    •Human melanoma samples co-overexpress structurally unrelated H3K9 demethylases
    •H3K9 demethylase targeting blocks melanoma growth by restoring senescence


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