One thought on “JC 07.10.2015”

  1. TOPI personal JC:
    Interesting paper from our friend Zena Werb about breast cancer cells that are metastatic: single cell transcriptomics analysis with Fluidigm.


    Single-cell analysis reveals a stem-cell program in human metastatic breast cancer cells

    Devon A. Lawson, Nirav R. Bhakta, Kai Kessenbrock, Karin D. Prummel, Ying Yu, Ken Takai, Alicia Zhou, Henok Eyob, Sanjeev Balakrishnan, Chih-Yang Wang, Paul Yaswen, Andrei Goga & Zena Werb
    AffiliationsContributionsCorresponding authors
    Nature 526, 131–135 (01 October 2015) doi:10.1038/nature15260
    Received 22 August 2014 Accepted 29 July 2015 Published online 23 September 2015


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